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Penalty Fever Plus - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What's the point of this game?

A: Penalty Fever is a penalty shootout football game. All rules that exist in the real football apply here. Your aim is to win the cup with your team, and you have a choice of 300 of them.

Q: How many goals do I have to score to win the match?

A: As in the real football. Each side has 5 shots, and if there is no winner, shootout continues with one shot for each team consequently.

Q: I'm having problems with shooting. How do I kick the ball?

A: When shooting you need to make two clicks. First one will stop the first little pointer that moves to left and right defining the, so-called "preliminary" direction of the shot. If it is easier to understand, it is the direction that you are "looking" at. If you don't make a second click, this is where the ball will go, but it will be a weak shot that will hardly go into the net. When you click the second time, it will be the real direction of the shot. So, why do you need two clicks? Because, goalkeeper will most probably dive on the side defined by the first click, which makes possible for you to trick him and send him to the wrong place. But, don't click too fast, as he will see your real intention. This may sound complicated, but is very intuitive process, actually.

Q: But how can I score the damn goal, when the ball flies too high!

A: Don't hold the mouse button for too long. Only a short click is enough.

Q: I still can't score.

A: As it is said in FAQ for another game on this site - perhaps you are just having problems with dynamic games which require some level of reflexes and coordination? Try 'Solitaire' or 'Mine Sweeper' instead.

Q: What about defending?

A: You need to wait until the red mark shows in your goal's area. It will be the direction where the ball will go. Aim your mouse and click to direct your goalkeeper to dive and save it.

Q: This is impossible! In the final match this red mark shows too late, and I have no time to react!

A: Maybe you can use some other tactics? Remember, it's the final match - it should be the hardest.

Q: I won the cup with my team, submitted it - and I see no change in the number of titles on a score board! Why is that?

A: When you submit your score, only points are counted, not your title. Points of all players who play the game and play for the same team are added, and the team with most points at the end of each week (Sunday, midnight by Central European time) becomes the champion for that week. So, don't ask where did your title go - it was transformed into points.

Q: Hey, where is my club (FC XYZ) in this game? We are the best, why aren't we included?

A: Clubs are chosen according to their results in past 20 years, but also - respecting their overall history, number of fans etc. We believe that most important clubs are included. Yet, there are some examples, especially in Euro cup and Libertadores, where some great clubs were not listed because of the limit per country. We didn't want to transform, for example, Euro cup in the competition of clubs from 5-6 countries. That's why Arsenal is not there.

Q: I see a mistake in club's name / colors / shirts .

A: Please, inform us about that.

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