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Penalty Fever 3D - World Cup

Penalty Fever 3D - World Cup

March 12, 2014
( 42019 )
It's time for some Penalty Fever, again! But, this time, it's (ta-daaa) Penalty Fever 3d. It's a sequel to our legendary penalty shooter from 2007 (yeah, 7 years have passed since). Guide your team to the World cup title in this frantic challenge. You will take shots, but you will also take a role of a goalkeeper. Timing and fast reflexes are crucial in both situations.
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Championships are played each week(Monday-Sunday) - one team and one player with biggest number of points an Sunday midnight will get the title for that week.
Please note that, as a non-logged user, you can still submit points to your team's balance, but only logged users can have their names listed on Top scorers tables. Not registered? Why not - it's fast, free and easy!
Penalty Fever has gone a long way since its first version from October 2007. In this version graphics are improved, and new, 3d engine was used. But, the old principle - 'make it simple' is still here. You have surely played a lot of penalty shootout games where you had to click at least several times setting the ball height, angle, strength and wno knows what else... Now, where's fun in that (not to mention - reality)? So, how to play Penalty Fever 3d? Easy - when shooting, press and hold mouse button for a while. Arrow pointer will continue to move left and right, although it will also start to go up. When you're ready (don't wait too long - your player is already running towards the ball!), release the button, and - kaboom! You kicked it. When defending, it's even simpler - click where you want your goalkeeper to dive (hint - wait for the red marker to appear, it's where the opponent will shoot! However, this marker will show later with each new round, making it harder to react). Penalty Fever preserves the thrill and pressure of the real penalty shootouts!
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