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Penalty Fever 3d - Italian Cup

Penalty Fever 3d - Italian Cup

September 1, 2014
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Version of Penalty Fever 3d made for our friends from GiochiSport (you can play the highscore version there!) In this one, it's all about - Italian Cup. So, what are you waiting for - if you like Italian football, pick a club and make it to the trophy.

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So, it's a Italian time here on FlashFooty - Penalty Fever 3d with clubs from Calcio. For those who don't know yet, Penalty Fever 3d is a sequel of our famous penalty shooters, with first installment dating back to 2007. Off course, modern times demand modern approcah, so this title is a polished 3d football game with fancy graphics and all... just to show you that we can make games that way too :) Regarding the gameplay itself, it's quite simple - you take turns in shooting and defending your goal. When shooting, you need to press and hold mouse button to start running towards the goal, and deciding about your 'false' shooting direction ('false' means that this is where your player intends to shoot in the first place. This makes possible to trick the goalkeeper - we're proud to say that we're the first who introduced this bit of reality in mostly boring Flash penalty shootout games). After that you should release the button - this determines height and final direction. When defending, just look for the red pointer - it will show up eventually. This is where the opponent will shot. So, what can I say - good luck!
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