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July 20, 2014
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Great multiplayer football game. Pick one of many rooms where football enthusiasts kick the ball around. Use arrows to move, 'C' to sprint (beware - you'll get tired very soon), 'V' to shoot (hold for a short while and release to get power shot).
Since this is a multiplayer game, and they are a bit specific, here are short instructions - when you start the game you can choose to start quick game, or to go to game lobby where you can choose a match of your own or even create a room (room is a synonym for a match in this case). In the list of rooms you will see a room name (it can be something bombastic, like Maracana or Real vs Barca, or simply - 'my room'), number of players needed for each team and team sizes. For example, 5/6 (3v3) means that it will be a 3 vs 3 match, but one player is still needed. In the next column you'll see number of spectacors (maximum is 12). Spectacors watch the match, but can also join the game if any place becomes free. In the last column, a match progres is shown.
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