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December 5, 2011
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'Goooaaal' is a cute, cartoonish-styled football game. The match is not going well for your team, that's where you jump in. Use arrow keys to avoid opponent players' tacklings and reach their goal. When you make it, you need to make a precise shoot and score the GOOOAAAL!

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Goooaaal! is a football game produced by Yamago Game Studio (founded 2000) that develops custom games for their customers. Their reference list includes Cartoon Network, Disney Studio, McDonald's, Lego, Peugeot ...
Goooaaal game! is a good example that perfection lies in simplicity. The point is to win the World Cup in football, and for that you need to win all matches (the draw is regarded as a defeat in this game). As in the most simple games, dont' expect help from teammates - you will need to do everything alone.
Penalty box is on the right, so basically you have to go in that direction, using ARROW keys. Use SPACE to avoid sliding tackles - there are no fouls, if your opponent gets you down - you lose the ball. When you enter into the box, commands somewhat change- now you will use UP and DOWN arrows to aim, and the SPACE shoot at the goal. Time is limited, so do not waste it.
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