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Flashfooty Hockey

Flashfooty Hockey

January 1, 2011
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This past paced 2 on 2 hockey game is a remake of the old arcade game from 80's - "Hat Trick". Use Arrow or WASD keys to move your player, and press 'V' or 'CTRL' to shoot. You can play it against your friend, too. During the game, press 'ESC' if you want to quit and go back to menu.

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Ah, this brings back memories... Hat Trick was a magnificent arcade game from the beginning of the 80s. When we say arcade (an explanation for young players), we think of machines which were used for playing video games (one machine - one game), placed in amusement parks, usually close to pinball. Pinball (for those who do not know) was a special machine, based mainly on mechanical principle, where the object was to keep the ball in the game and collect as many points. Don't get it? Never mind...
Hat Trick had a number of versions on 8-bit machines. It was popular because of its simplicity and the ultimate addictiveness. Computer opponent has not been a challenge (though the game is interesting even when you win with 49:1), but playing against a friend was the real thing. FlashFooty Hockey is our small homage to this game.
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