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Dkicker German Special

Dkicker German Special

November 2, 2011
( 4819 )
For all fans for Germany, we have made this version of Dkicker. With 253 teams, we believe that it is the biggest range of clubs ever seen in casual online games.

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Please note that, as a non-logged user, you can still submit points to your team's balance, but only logged users can have their names listed on Top scorers tables. Not registered? Why not - it's fast, free and easy!
Last week champions:

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Q: Can I have this game on my website?
A: This game can be played only on FlashFooty, but you are welcome to use our embed option (roll down to the bottom of this page for details).

Q: I won the 5-round tournament, but I can't see the title for my team in rankings.
A: As in many other FlashFooty games, the principle stays the same - rankings show weekly titles, not individual victories. So, when you win the tournament, your team gets points. Points of all players that play for the same team add, and at the end of the week, one team gets the title.

Q: How are teams categorized in classes? Why is my team so low graded, when we rock in the real life leagues?
A: Teams are graded according to their rank in the previous weekly championship. That rank depends of number of players and their performances, and has nothing to do with real football. In this game, Accrington Stanley (for instance) can be the champion, and Arsenal can be the last.

Q: Hey, my XY team has much bigger stadium in reality than in this game!
A: Team strengths, as well as their stadium sizes, are strictly connected with their classes, ie - position in the previous week championship. So, it is possible to have the biggest stadium one week, and play on the small one next week. This is fantasy, and in fantasies - everything is possible.

Q: How can I find the team I support in the list?
A: The easiest way is to click on the alphabetic sort button, on the team selection panel. You can sort teams in A-Z or reverse order (just click the button again). The team you last time played for is remembered, and will always be offered to you as the first choice. To scroll the list, roll the mouse button over green arrows. To speed up, click on the arrow.

Q: What happens if two teams have equal number of points at the end of the week?
A: In this situation, the winner is determined by draw. This also goes for cases when several teams are equal. Titles or previous ranks have no influence.

Q: I found a bug in the game or I have a suggestion.
A: Contact us, please.

Team classes according to their ranks in previous week:

1st-12th place:
Class 1

13th-36th place:
Class 2

37th-84th place:
Class 3

85th-180th place:
Class 4

181th and below:
Class 5

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