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Dkicker 2 - Spanish Special

Dkicker 2 - Spanish Special

January 10, 2013
( 10032 )
Hi,guest. Dkicker 2 - Spanish Special brings you 380 teams from Spain. Enjoy!
Last week's champions:

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Q: I won the cup, but I can't see the title for my team in rankings.
A: Rankings show weekly titles, not individual victories. So, when you win the tournament, your team gets points. Points of all players that play for the same team add, and at the end of the week, one team gets the title.

Team classes according to their ranks in previous week:

1st-32th place:
Class 1

33th-64th place:
Class 2

65th-128th place:
Class 3

129th-192th place:
Class 4

193th and below:
Class 5

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