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Darts Cricket

Darts Cricket

January 1, 2011
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The darts board is divided into twenty sectors labeled 1 to 20.
The outer ring of the board is DOUBLE(doubles hit), the inner ring is TRIPLE(triples hit).
In the center of the board there are two circles: outer bull's eye (25pts) and inner bull's eye (50pts).
Hit all numbers 15-20 and the bull's eye, 3 TIMES, before the opponent does.
Once you hitted a number 3 times and your opponent did not, every next hit on that number increases your score.
Winner is the player who has:
- HITTED ALL NUMBERS 3 TIMES and whose SCORE IS NOT LOWER than the opponent's, OR
- the highest score when 20 turns are over, OR
- last throws if the scores are tied after the 20th turn.
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