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Big Head Football

Big Head Football

October 6, 2012
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Big Head Football was one of earlier titles in later popular football games sub-genre: head football games. As you already know, matches are played in side-view, with cartoon characters where heads dominate in the body figure. Choose one of 7 famous football heads (with slightly changed names, but you'll recognize them with no problems) to defeat other big heads in this simple soccer game.

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This game also features a 2 player mode, where player 1 uses WASD keys for movement and 'space' for kicking, and other player uses arrows to move and 'P' to shoot. Also, there is a reach inventory of 25 power-ups (and downs) which get activated when hit with the ball. However, even with all of these options, the game is a bit sluggish and there is a lack of more interesting competition system. We have a feeling that later representative of this genre, Football Heads series did the better job, so we recommend them instead. If you are interested in the game play without playing the game, here's a little Big Head Football demo clip
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