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Against The Wall

Against The Wall

January 1, 2011
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Little street football shootout. Use mouse to aim, and then click twice to determine the strength of the shot.

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This game was developed as a part of the Carling marketing campaign. Scene is set in a city suburb, where two friends are kicking penalties for a bet. The loser pays beer, of course. You will shoot and defend - a total of 5 shots each. The game has nice graphics, but it is clear that authors did not care much about the gameplay itself. As with most online penalty shootout games, kicking comes down to pre-determine the direction of shot, and then determine strength. So, you can only hope that the goalkeeper will not be able to defend your shot - there's no ability to change direction once you get momentum. As for the penalty defending, this is resolved even worse - here you pre-determine where you will throw your goalie, and then you can only look at the opponent's shot. Our subjective assessment - Penalty Fever remains far above such games.
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