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2 on 2 Fuuty

2 on 2 Fuuty

September 10, 2014
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'2 on 2 Fuuty' is a fast-paced, 2 on 2 football game, remake of our popular FlashFooty Hockey 2, which is based on FlashFooty Hockey 1, which was inspired by the game from 80s - "Hat Trick"... You get the point :) So, this is a 'World Cup' version where all nations are invited! Pick one of 208 countries and win the cup. Teams are divided into classes, according to their rank in previous week. Specific thing is that the match starts not with 0:0, but with a certain advantage for the opponent! That can be 1:0, 2:0, 3:0, depending on your and their class. Why did we do it? To make it more fun! Controls are WASD+V, or ARROWS+ CTRL, depending of the side of the field that you choose.

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Championships are played each week(Monday-Sunday) - one team and one player with biggest number of points an Sunday midnight will get the title for that week. Watch the game play demo here.
Please note that, as a non-logged user, you can still submit points to your team's balance, but only logged users can have their names listed on Top scorers tables. Not registered? Why not - it's fast, free and easy! Look for the small panel in the top-right corner of this page!

By the way, word 'Fuuty' is not a typo, it's just that we simply wanted to avoid mentioning words like 'Cup', 'Superstar, 'Champion'... since too many football games get generic names these days. One more thing we have to repeat here (for new users) regarding weekly championships in '2 on 2 Fuuty'. One team, with biggest number of points, collected from ALL players that played for that team, wins the wekly title. So, when you win the cup in your particular game, it is NOT the weekly title that you see in the hiscores.
If you like the game, and want more versions, with different leagues, write to us. Visit our Google+ page and tell us which league you'd like to play!
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